Sharp Exotics at the GoldRush Rally GRAND PRIX “The Atlantic Tour”

Sharp Exotics is proud to announce our vibrant participation and sponsorship in the prestigious GoldRush Rally GRAND PRIX “The Atlantic Tour” taking place from May 17th to 26th, 2024. Embark on an exhilarating 10-day journey with supercars and hypercars from all around the world. This unique event promises an adventure through the East Coast’s most iconic destinations, blending the thrill of luxury with the beauty of scenic landscapes.

About Sharp Exotics

As the newest and hottest luxury car rental company in Tampa Bay, Sharp Exotics redefines the exotic rental experience, offering an unmatched selection of supercars that promise more than just a drive—they offer an unforgettable journey. Becca, the owner of Sharp Exotics, shared, “Sponsoring GoldRush Rally is an incredible honor to participate in one of the most amazing supercar rallies in the world. Sharing my love and passion for cars with other car enthusiasts while taking in the most beautiful settings on the east coast is an experience of a lifetime.”

Rent Your Dream Exotic Car in Tampa Bay Today

For those inspired to experience the thrill of driving an exotic car themselves, Sharp Exotics is the premier destination for luxury car rentals in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you’re looking to make a statement at an event, enjoy a leisurely drive along the coast, or simply indulge in the pleasure of driving a luxury vehicle, we provide an unmatched selection of exotic cars to make your experience legendary.

Follow Our Supercar Road Trip

Follow Sharp Exotics’ exciting journey on the GoldRush Rally through our social media channels. We’ll be sharing daily updates, breathtaking visuals, and behind-the-scenes content, offering our followers an exclusive look into one of the most famous and prestigious car rallies in the world. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the GoldRush Rally from the driver’s seat, bringing you closer to the action and the unparalleled beauty of these supercars and hypercars in motion.

photo from 2023 goldrush rally with Ferrari sf90